Genomics Science Group

Empowering genomics research with digital DNA storage

About Company

Genomics Science Group specializes in managing projects in the field of bioinformatics and computational genomics. The aim of Company is to provide technological capabilities for storing, processing and analyzing DNA for scientific and commercial research purposes.

GSG strategy envisages participation in research of human genome projects, that employs GSG Computing Storage for DNA digital samples.

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Nature of business (SIC)
62012 - Business and domestic software development
72110 - Research and experimental development on biotechnology

Composition of GSG

Genomics Science Group was founded in 2018 by the group of international companies, that created an Open Foundation for managing capital-intensive innovative projects in the field of genomics.

Foundation includes several companies:

Central Marketing, Hong Kong – IT Company, the owner of HPC cluster technology used in the GSG Computing Storage of DNA samples

Pegasus, UAE – Investment and Consulting Company, specializes on innovative high-tech projects

E-Trade HUB, Poland - IT Company, operating on the field of IT engineering and system integration.

GSG teams combines the best experts in the field of biomedicine and IT with more 50 employees worldwide and Head Office in the UK


The mission of Genomics Science Group is to scale the practical application of genomics intended to improve the quality of life and extend life of the human being. The main task of the company is to build the largest digital storage for DNA samples of all organisms, while maintaining its universality and democratizing accessibility to a wide community.

GSG Management

"Genomics Science Group abide by the principles of Corporate Governance, transparency and disclosure.

The Group is headed by the Supervisory Board of GSG, that consists of executive directors and independent non- executive directors.

Annually Genomics Science Group voluntarily publishes the Corporate Transparency Report for all the interested parties.”

Valerii Popel,
Director of Genomics Science Group

MA Automated Control Systems, Military Institute of Telecommunications and Informatization, Kiev, Ukraine.
30 years of experience in IT and financial industry on executive positions in private and public companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Valerii Popel
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