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Do you need a scalable low-cost DNA storage with high-speed data processing?


Genomics scientific research requires an analysis of large data bulk. This entails the need for continuous increase in volumes of digital data storage and archive, meeting the requirements of certain access patterns and waiting time, speed data processing and, most importantly, it results in high costs of maintaining and managing such DNA samples storage for research purposes.

Genomics Science Group SOLUTION

GSG Computing Storage, is a DNA digital storage “Big Data” class solution, that allows research centers to solve the problem of enabling full-scale genome studies on a higher technological level with minimum costs. GSG Computing Storage eliminates the need of research centers to build their own IT infrastructure to maintain local storage. GSG Computing Storage uses a Neural Network for the calculations conduction. Besides, there is a grant for researches for free use of the network. In order to take part in the selection, one should fill the registration form and the candidacy will be examined.

With GSG Computing Storage Solution research centers gain access to the dedicated virtual DNA storage that they have the ability to manage and conduct research remotely.



Non-limited storage volumes

Unlimited dedicated virtual DNA storage


High-tech data processing

Information processing speed is provided by HPC Cluster capacity



Minimum cost for partners


Data security

Use of blockchain technology for secure data storage


Protection of personal data

Centralized security system and allocation of access rightsge



Individual approach to each project

Digital DNA storage for projects of any complexity


Genomics Science Group is interested in projects in the field of genome research in such areas:

  • Human genomics, including Cancer genomics, Genomics of infectious diseases and Pathogen genomics, Human microbiome
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Personal genomics and personalized medicine
  • Genomics of other organisms and interdisciplinary sciences.

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It Is a kind of biorepository, specialized storage of biological materials for scientific and medical purposes. Biorepositories may contain samples from living organisms, particularly humans.

Advantages of our Biobank

Availability of own digital storage with wide geographical coverage. Makes it possible to accelerate the process of research and development in the field of genomics by scientific and commercial organizations.

In the future, this will have a direct impact on:

  • Development of personalized medicine in the world;
  • Expanding opportunities in the commercial sector;
  • Enhancing the capacity of public organizations.

The industries in which the services of a Biobank in demand:

  • Pharmaceutical companies; medical institutions;
  • State research centers: institutes, universities;
  • Commercial organization: industry, private research centers;
  • Nonprofit organization: state organizations, charities.


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